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We started this group in January 2012 because of our love and compassion for cats.  Seeing the feral cats along the river banks, in poor health and starving, just broke our hearts.  We couldn't just ignore the problem, so it was time to take action.    Our small group working with the City of Owen Sound and the Animal Shelter was just the start... now it was time to make a difference!  Lets make this right!   With donations from people like you, we can use the funds to help give the feral cats a better life.

  Any amount of donation helps.  Rest assured, all money that is raised goes 100% into this project.   This money will buy food, materials, the spay and neutering, and many other things that we will need.  

There are a few ways you can donate 
  • Click on the Donate button below and you can make a donation via Paypal.  It's easy, fast and secure.

  •  Donate  by cash or cheque,  drop us an email and we can arrange to pick up your donation.
  • Go to any Bank of Montreal and make a donation directly.  Just use the following info when at the bank.  Be sure to drop us an email to let us know you made a donation so that we can send you a big thank you!                         Branch 00322  Institution 001   Account 8985077  
Thank you very much for your generosity